Earn big profits fast with sales of fresh cut Roses and Orchid Leis

For Grads and Parents on Commencement Day!

Blossom Express delivers flowers Free to your campus with no upfront costs!

Easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Blossom Express FedEx bouquets of roses and orchid leis directly to you at no cost.
  2. You sell them and keep a percentage of what you sell.
  3. You remit your sales amount (honor system) and keep any remaining flowers or leis after your sale.

Put this complete turn-key program to work for you right now. Flowers arrive complete and ready to sell with filler flowers and greens plus colorful, eye-appealing gift wrapping.

From the moment you call, we do it all:

  • We calculate the volume of flowers your organization can sell most profitably based on our proven formula.
  • We FedEx the world’s most beautiful roses and orchid leis direct from our growers and time our shipment so your group receives them in fragrant, ready-to-sell condition.
  • No upfront costs!
  • No risk or obligation of any kind!
  • Generous salesperson allowance available!